The bathrobe, which symbolizes larger values and concepts, is called "Beach Bisht."

Brand  Overview

Healing our planet sustainably with "people's changed behaviours."

Beach Bisht, upholds their brand purpose by promoting the use of streamlined designs that are durable and functional as well as, reduce pollution of microplastics materials and supporting the natural state of the environment.

Our Mission is to naturally inspire and excellence the experience of an active outdoor lifestyle accessible for everyone


Our designs for the whole family robe line adhere to zero-waste principles, with a maximum resource efficiency of over 94% and a waste reduction of less than 6%. In addition to the sustainable clothing production method, we developed unique zero-waste designs that include them to achieve an overall fit. The pattern pieces do not need to interlock with one other, and the facing edges are already secured, resulting in much less waste or textile scraps and a shorter production timetable as compared to industry standards.

The overall aesthetic of the embroidered design robe stands out as a game changer

Beach Bisht Production Line at Sunman Export manufacturing factory
Team players
Beach Bisht team seriously awe-inspiring unique inspirational individual cats

Our Team

Beach Bisht was created and launched by activist fashion designer moms in 2017 exclusively for their children and families.  

We have put together a team comprising of some seriously awe-inspiring, unique, and inspirational individuals.