Beach Bisht® 

Hoodie Bathrobes    

100% Cotton (Organic)
Sustainably and fairly produced.


Beach Bisht Hoodie Bathrobes

Looking for matching outfits for your family? Call it by its name " Beach Bisht®"

Unique Design Details

A unique patented gold color bisht embroidery collar and large hoodie

Large Hood and Practical Pockets

Beach Bisht® Hoodie Bathrobes are super comfy bathrobes with hoods, practical wide and side pockets. Heads, keys and phones are safe


Dries faster, stays, and gets softer after each use. 

Fast-drying robe fabric material quick absorbent %100 cotton terry towel


Available by 3 size options. Small-Medium-Large

Easy Care Utmost Comfort

Beach Bisht Hoodie bathrobe is designed to help you protect yourself from the sun while embracing every moment and the possibility to enjoy the ultimate comfort. 

Exude your family grace and elegance with Beach Bisht hoodie bathrobe and matching kids hoodie bathrobes.

Beach Bisht® hoodie bathrobe is always a perfect choice for your chill at the beach and summer time. Just cover up and you will always come out as stylish.

Loose-fitting Beach Bisht® hoodie bathrobes with overall usage will bring out the utmost comfort and style in your beach days or leisure time.

Because of the special material, you need to take care of it. Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to air dry. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.

Sustainable and Traceable

Traceable supply chain via QR code on labels


100% Cotton (Organic)


Sustainably and fairly produced. Our supply chain businesses commit to using environmentally friendly materials to significantly reduce their environmental impact.  We only work with suppliers who we know and trust. To ensure fair and safe working conditions all of our supplier factories are ISO and BSCI approved .

Traceable supply chain via QR code on labels.

Aromatherapy Relaxing Scent Micro Capsule Washed

Beach Bisht® hoodie bathrobes washed before packing with antibacterial effect relaxing scent microcapsules that contains essential oils of Geranium, known to balance and relieve stress, Cedarwood, known to have soothing and calming effects, and Sandalwood which helps to clear the mind and create a calm awareness. Relax scent robe lasts for 12 washes.

Open Data

Inspection & Quality Control: Intertex

Abrasion Test Results: 20.000 Martindale

Carbon Footprint: The Beach Bisht cotton towel fabric weight 330gsm/sqmt

Based on the weight of the towel, the environmental impact is 2.39 kg CO2 and 30.13 liters of fresh water for the production of one Beach Bisht towel bathrobe.

  • Target: Zero Waste