Beach Bisht stocking at Nordstrom

Beach Bisht, "a bathrobe that represented larger values and concepts."

Think about a fashion designers "Women warriors" who's aimed to heal the planet sustainably with "people's changed behaviours." that what I love about Beach Bisht, they all upholds their brand purpose by promoting the use of streamlined designs that are durable and functional as well as, reduce pollution of microplastics materials and supporting the natural state of the environment. According to news announced by the Beach Bisht creators they starting stocking at Nordstrom, the world's most reputable shopping retailer in US. So happy for all Beach Bisht lovers.

Beach Bisht have been selected to stock at Wolf and Badger

Beach Bisht, hält ihren Markenzweck durch die Förderung der Verwendung von stromlinienförmigen Designs, die langlebig und funktional sind sowie die Verschmutzung von Mikroplastik-Materialien zu reduzieren und den natürlichen Zustand der Umwelt zu unterstützen.

According to news announced by Wolf and Badger, 

Beach Bisht selected to stock and now available in NYC and London stores and soon to be at LA and Sidney stores.


95 Grand St

New York


Beach Bisht wurde ausgewählt, um an 24 EU-Märkten mit Zalando zu handeln

senior reporter, Helen Paquet, woman in black half-sleeved shirt sitting while facing woman and smiling

Hi, I'm Senior Reporter Helene Paquet,  

Today I would like to share with you a bathrobe label. Which is extremly unique, so every day another stockist's news from the global markets arrives! 

"Beach Bisht" is the name of the bathrobe that represents larger values and concepts. You should check their ethical values and what they stand for! 

I really excited to tell you about the next Beach Bisht stockist. 

Beach Bisht was chosen to be stocked and sold at 24 markets available through Zalado, 

According to Zalando HQ. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing what great campaigns they'll come up with using the cheerful Beach Bisht bathrobe collections.